This is the Mk I basic version of my Foggy Smoke Generator available in 2 sizes.

It produces a good plume of 'smoke' from ordinary tap water running for approximately 1 hour before it needs refilling (30-40 minutes for the small unit)

The Foggy requires a 24 volt dc supply to power the internal 'mister' and fan.

The Foggy comes with full set up and installation instructions and wiring diagrams.


Large unit 150mm x 80mm x 80mm.

£48.00 + P&P

The small unit has the same specification and power requirements as the large unit.

Dimensions:-   85mm x 80mm x 80mm.


We now make a modified version of the Foggy designed for 5" & 7 1/4" locomotives & large scale tanks etc.

                                      £51.00 +  P&P


South Wales , UK

TEL/TEXT ON :07709564279

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